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PhD Student


Teams :   DiLiS 

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In the framework of my thesis I am interested in the evolution of language trough the intrinsic variation included in the concept of phoneme, as well as the allophonic variation that is subsumed under the grapheme ‹r›. It could appear that some phonemes are more robust than others making them less favorable to linguistic change. These phonemes are generally characterized by few allophones. In contrast, some phonemes are more fragile, with more allophones, and in some cases with different articulatory patterns resulting in the same acoustic pattern. The phoneme /r/ has often been described as a vibrating consonant across languages, but it appears that the rolled allophone [r] is very little present across the languages of the world compared to the tapped allophone [ɾ] which is often marginalized. These two allophones can be analyzed as articulatory complex, explaining the late age at which they are usually acquired, and in some cases never mastered. Moreover anatomical biases could play a role in the typology of the rolled allophone.

This thesis is at the frontier between perception and production and takes into account existing inter- and intra-individual variations. Mixing phonetics, phonology and also sociolinguistics, this thesis aims to describe the evolution of allophones through biological and cultural evolution. I am also interested in the transfer of concepts from biology that can be used to explain the complexity and thus the robustness and fragility of sounds, and on a larger scale of linguistic features.




2019-2022 PhD in Linguistics, "The amplification of weak biases in complex communicative networks", directed by Dan Dediu (DDL, Lyon)

Laboratoire Dynamique du Language

2017-2019 Master’s degree in Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics, "General Linguistics" major (Research), with high distinction.

Université Paris-Diderot - Paris 7

2014-2017 Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Health, major Life Sciences, in an intensive Biology and Linguistics program, with credit.

Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

2016-2017 Third year of the double degree Biology-Linguistics (Paris 6 - Paris 4) in an exchange program

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2014-2017 Graduate degree of Arts, Letters, Languages, major Letters, in French Language and Computer Techniques, with distinction

Université Paris-Sorbonne - Paris 4




Linguistic variation


Phonetics-phonology interface


Evolutive Linguistics








PhD scholarship:

2019-2022 IDEXLyon Fellowship, University of Lyon, France




Travaux dirigés :

2021 TD - Linguistique françase (2ème semestre, 20h), Université Lumière Lyon 2, France



PhDs and master thesis

Anselme, R., 2019, "La troncation en français", Mémoire de M2, U.F.R. Linguistique, Université Paris-Diderot, 123, 123 p.  (pdf, couverture)


Anselme, R., 2018, "Le passé surcomposé en français", Mémoire de M1, U.F.R. Linguistique, Université Paris-Diderot, Paris, 34 p.

Invited presentations

Anselme, R., 2021, "Discussion on the < r > - Thesis progress", DiLiS - Atelier Origines de la diversité, Lyon (online)

Conference presentations

Anselme, R., 2022, "Variation in trilling: Phonetic realization of /r/ and /ɾ/", ConSOLE 30 - Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe, Online (initially: Nantes), 25-27 janvier 2022 (poster)


Anselme, R., 2022, "Comparaison des réalisations de la consonne rhotique en Europe: Cas des branches romane et slave", COLDOC 2022 - Colloque de doctorants et de jeunes chercheurs en Sciences du langage du laboratoire MoDyCo (CNRS UMR 7114), Nanterre, 30-31 mai 2022


Anselme, R., 2022, "Caractérisation du trill /r/ et du tap/flap /ɾ/ à partir de descriptions issues de grammaires", rfp2022 : RFP2022 : 19èmes rencontres du Réseau Français de Phonologie / 19th Meeting of the French Phonology Network, Porto, 7-9 juin 2022


Anselme, R., 2021, "What if trills weren’t really trilled? An investigation of trills and taps in 212 articles from the Illustrations of the IPA", r-atics7, Lausanne, 18-19 novembre 2021


Anselme, R., Bonami, O. & Burnett, H., 2019, "Polysémie et troncation des noms en -ion en français", Journée d’étude : Sémantique pour les ressources en Morphologie Dérivationnelle, Toulouse, 08 juillet 2019 (pdf)


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