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MCF, Université Lyon2

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Teams : DENDY 

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Chapters in books

Ghimenton, A. & Depau, G., 2018, "Revitalization and education ", in Romance sociolinguistics , Ayers-Bennet, W. & Carruthers, J. (eds), De Gruyters


Ghimenton, A., 2017, "Socializing the language choices: When variation in the language environment supports acquisition", in Variation in Language acquisition, De Vogelaer, G. & Katerbow, M. (eds), John Benjamins


Ghimenton, A. & Costa, L., 2016, "Code-switching et socialisation plurilingue au sein de trois familles italophones en France", in Facetten der Mehrsprachigkeit / Reflets du plurilinguisme: Die Wahl der Sprachen: Luxemburg in Europa / Le choix des langues: Le Luxembourg à L'heure Européenne, 10, Langner, M. & Jovanovic, V. (eds), Mehrsprachigkeit in Europa / Multilingualism in Europe, Berne, Peter Lang


Ghimenton, A. & Depau, G., 2016, "Ideologies and expressed attitudes in Internet: Comparing ethnic identities in two regional communities (Veneto and Sardinia)", in Vanishing languages in context. Ideological, attitudinal and social identity perspectives, Pütz, M. & Mundt, N. (eds), Berne, Peter Lang, pp. 173-202


Ghimenton, A., 2013, "Pathways to multilingual acquisition in Veneto: a usage-based perspective of code choices in the input and output in a language contact situation", in Variation in Language and Language Use, Pütz, M. (ed), Bernea, Peter Lang


Ghimenton, A., 2015, " Reading between the code choices: Discrepancies between expressions of language attitudes and usage in a contact situation", International Journal of Bilingualism, 19, pp. 115-136


Ghimenton, A., 2013, "Quantitative approaches to Italian / dialect family interactions: Considerations on Methodology and Language transmission in a contact situation", Journal of Language Contact, 6:1, pp. 106-133


Ghimenton, A., Chevrot, J.P. & Billiez, J., 2013, "Language choice adjustments in child production during dyadic and multiparty interactions: a quantitative approach to multilingual interactions.", Linguistics, 51:2, pp. 413-438


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