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Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Page perso. : www.marinevuillermet.com

Teams :   DTT  LED-TDR 

  Training and professional background
  Research interests
  Scientific activities
  Awards and research grants
  Supervised theses and dissertation
  Other international activities
  Main publications and conferences



2016-2019: ASLAN postdoctoral fellowship, CNRS laboratory Dynamique Du Langage, Lyon
Typology and atlas of the grammatical morphemes of fear.


2014-2016: Radboud Excellence Initiative postdoctoral fellowship, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
A Typology of Serial Verb Constructions in the Amazon.


2013 : FYSSEN postdoctoral grant, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Experimental study on 'associated motion' in Ese Ejja, an Amazonian language of Peru and Bolivia.


2006-2012: PhD Program in Linguistics (Sciences du Langage), Laboratory "Dynamique du Langage", CNRS/Université Lyon 2, France.
Supervisors: Pr. C. Grinevald (DDL-CNRS/Lyon2), Dr. A. Guillaume (DDL-CNRS/Lyon2).
Thesis : A grammar of Ese Ejja, a Takanan language of the Bolivian Amazon.
Defended on September 14, 2012.


2009: Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Summer Institute at the University of California in Berkeley, USA, (July 4th - August 13th).


2008: "Spring School on Linguistic Diversity" at the Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany, March 26th - April4th.


2008: Linguistics Department at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA: Morphology and Syntax with Pr. M. Mithun (April – June).


2004-2006: Master (MA equivalent) Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, with Honors.

  • 2nd year thesis (2006): L'ese ejja de Bolivie (langue tacana). Esquisse phonétique et phonologique.
    C. Grinevald. Jury: D. Creissels, G. Philippson.
  • 1st year thesis (2005): L'ese ejja de Bolivie (langue tacana). Profil Sociolinguistique d'une langue amazonienne. Supervisor : C. Grinevald. Jury: C. Grinevald, D. Creissels.


    2005: Licence (B.A. equivalent) "French Cued speech assistant".


    2004: Maîtrise (1 year M.A. program equivalent) "Langue, Littérature et Civilisation" (LLCE) in German – with Honors, Université Lyon 3, France.
    2003: Licence (B.A. equivalent) LLCE in German – with Honors, Université Lyon 3, France.


    2001: Licence (B.A. equivalent) "Langues Etrangères Appliquées" (LEA: Languages applied to Business) in German and English – with Honors, Kingston University, UK.




    Amazonian languages, specialist of Ese Ejja (Takanan; Bolivia & Peru)



  • phonology: accentual system
  • morphology: serial verb constructions, incorporation, associated motion, (associated) posture, apprehensional morphology
  • syntax: (tripartite) co-referential systems


    Semantic typology

  • fear
  • spatial co-expression: associated motion, posture and location
  • comparison/similarity

    Methodology and fieldwork

  • elaboration & use of visual stimuli: DVD Trajectoire, A hunting story
  • participative workshops
  • pedagogical material

    Documentation & archive: Ese Ejja corpus




    Organization of conferences, workshops and seminars

  • 2018: LLF / TUL, Paris (dec. 5)
    Co-organizer of a workshop (Fédération de Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques) with P.Caudal (LLF-CNRS) : Events & Space : Associated motion and posture ESAMP 2

  • 2018: INALCO, Paris (sept. 4)
    Main organizer of an adjacent workshohp at the international conference Syntax of the World’s Languages VIII, avec E. Schultze-Berndt (U. Manchester) : Lest we miss them

  • 2017: DDL-CNRS, Lyon
    Organizer of a monthly seminar Atelier de Typologie Sémantique : Stimuli expérimentaux pour les appréhensifs
    Organizer of a bi-monthly seminar Atelier Morphosyntaxe : Commandes et Impératifs, with N. Dobrushina

  • 2016: UNAM México, Mexico (20 août)
    Main organizer of an adjacent workshohp at the international conference Syntax of the World’s Languages VII : The co-expression of motion and non-motion events

  • 2015-2016: Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Co-organizer of the bi-monthly seminar Categories, Diversity and Language Contact
    Organizer of two workshops: Counterfactuality (01/07/2015), Newly identified paths of grammaticalization in Meso- and South American languages (29/09/2015)

  • 2013: UC Berkeley, USA
    Organizer of the reading group Directionals & Associated Motion


    Research programms of the Fédération Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques

  • 2018 : co-organizer, with P. CAUDAL (LLF-CNRS), ofEvents & Space - Associated motion and posture

  • 2018 : active member of Catégorisation
    Org. N. Quint (LLACAN) & S. Voisin (DDL-CNRS/Aix-Marseille)

  • 2014-2018 : active member of Questionnaires
    Org. A. Lahaussois (HTL-CNRS)

  • 2014-2018 : active member of Comparaisons d'égalité et de similitude
    Org. C. Chamoreau (SEDYL-CNRS), Y. Treis (LLACAN-CNRS)

  • 2004-2013 : active member of Trajectoire
  • Org. J.M. Fortis (CNRS/Paris VII), C. Grinevald (DDL-CNRS/Lyon 2), A. Kopecka (previously MPI/Nijmeguen, currently at DDL-CNRS/Lyon 2), A. Vittrant (LACITO-CNRS/Aix-Marseille)

  • 2010-2013 : active member of Corpus oraux et typologie de l’articulation syntaxe / prosodie
    Org. M. Vanhove (LLACAN-CNRS)


    Anonymous reviewer for

  • International journals: Anthropological LinguisticsForma y función
  • Editors: Mouton de Gruyter (chapters in edited volumes)
  • Conference (abstracts): Amazónicas, LSA
  • Funding institutions: SOAS-HRELP



    2005-2017 : 8 field trips to the Bolivian lowlands at the Ese Ejja (a total of 14 months in the Ese Ejja communities)




    May 2014-2016: Radboud Excellence Initiative Fellowship for postdoctoral studies, at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


    March 2014: Complete preparation of Ese’eja data for archival deposit, financed by the Consortium Corpus Oraux et Multimodaux (IRCOM).


    Dec. 2012 - Nov. 2013: Postdoctoral Fellowship of the FYSSEN Foundation, at the University of California, Berkeley.


    2006-2009: Doctoral Fellowship from the Ministry of National Education and Research (France).


    2008: Endangered Language Funds (ELF) for a two-month-fieldtrip. Coordination of workshops with Ese Ejja speakers (old and young) on one peculiar myth; discussion of their alphabet(s), documentation, (re)writing and illustration of the said myth (August – October).


    2008: Grant for fielwork from the ANR (National Agency for Research) project "Afrique Amérique Latine Langues en Danger" (AALLED) for a sociolinguistic profile of Ese Ejja (August – October).


    2008: "Aires Culturelles" grant from the Ministry of National Education and Research (France) for a stay at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA : April – June.


    2007: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Program (HRELP) of SOAS (University of London) to finance a seven-month-fieldtrip in Bolivia.




    2017 (June 5-9): Linguistic classes for the Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Ese Ejja, Portachuelo Bajo, Bolivia.


    2016: Invited speaker at Université de Grenoble
    Licence (BA equivalent) Sciences Du Langage : Linguistic fieldwork


    2015-2016: Organizer & supervisor of the course based on the « CLS colloquium », in the linguistic Master programm Master , Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


    2015: Invited speaker at Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Advanced seminar on morphology: The grammar of fear crosslinguistically


    2014-2015: Invited speaker at the Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • Language typology and description (BA equivalent, oct. 2014) : Serial verb constructions
  • Areal linguistics : Methodology & concepts (Master, oct. 2015) : Serial verbs in Amazonia

    2009-2010: Teaching assistant (ATER), Linguistic Departement, Université Lumière Lyon 2 & Centre International d'Etudes du Français (CIEF)


    2006-2010: Teaching assistant at the Université Lyon 2 (France), "Sciences du Langage" Department, for 3rd and 1st year students and at the Centre International d'Etudes du Français (CIEF)
    Course taught: French Linguistics (phonology, morphology and syntax) and General Linguistics (phonology)


    2003-2006: Cued Speech assistant (Primary school, Université Catholique, Université Lyon 1, 2, 3) in French, English, Spanish, German.




    Doctoral thesis

  • 2016-2017: Helder Perri Ferreira, Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Co-supervision with P. Muysken (Radboud Universiteit) & M. Crevels (Leiden Universiteit)
    Yanomama Clause Structure, defended on Nov. 28, 2017.



  • 2018: Alexey Vinyar, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow, Russia
    Head-Modifier relations in Verb-Verb compounds: a preliminary typology, defended on June 4, 2018.




    2013 (July 10-16): Linguistic assessor for the workshop on the revision of the Ese’eja writing system and on a writing manual, organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education in Puerto Maldonado, Peru.


    2009: Invited reseacher at the Manchester University, UK, in the COST programm(A31, verb classification), April 19-25. Host: Pr. Eva Schultze-Berndt.



    PhDs and master thesis

    Vuillermet, M., 2012, "A Grammar of Ese Ejja, a Takanan language of the Bolivian Amazon", PhD. Dissertation, Département des Sciences Du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, 736, 736 p. (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2006, "L'ese ejja de Bolivie (langue tacana). Esquisse phonétique et phonologique.", Mémoire Master 2, Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon2


    Vuillermet, M., 2005, "L'ese ejja de Bolivie. Profil Sociolinguistique d'une langue amazonienne", Mémoire Master 1, Sciences du Langage, Université Lyon2


    Vuillermet, M., 2005, "El ese ejja de Bolivia: Perfil sociolingüístico de una lengua de Amazonia", Mémoire Master 1, Sciences du Langage, Université Lyon2

    Edited books

    Kopecka, A., Ishibashi, M. & Vuillermet, M. (eds), In prep., "Source-Goal asymmetries across languages", Special issue of Studies in Language


    Lahaussois, A. & Vuillermet, M. (eds), In prep., "Questionnaires for linguistic description and typology", Special issue of Language Documentation and Conservation


    Ponsonnet, M. & Vuillermet, M. (eds), 2018, "Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages", John Benjamins, Special issue of Studies in Language, 42(1), John Benjamins, 0378-4177 (link, ingenta connect)  (Couverture)

    Chapters in books

    Vuillermet, M., Accepted, "A visual stimulus for eliciting associated motion", in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A. & Koch, H. (eds), Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, Berlin; Boston, De Gruyter Mouton


    Rolle, N. & Vuillermet, M., 2019, "Morphologically assigned accent in Ese ejja: Transitivity, dominance, and an initial three-syllable window", in The study of word stress and accent: theories, methods and data, Goedemans, R., van der Hulst, H. & Heinz, J. (eds), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 361-386 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2014, "Two types of incorporation in Ese Ejja", in Word Formation in South American Languages, Danielsen, S., Hannß, K. & Zúñiga, F. (eds), Studies in Language Companion Series, John Benjamins., pp. 113-142 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2014, "The multiple co-reference systems in the Ese Ejja subordinate clauses", in Information Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, van Gijn, R., Matić, D., Hammond, J., van Putten, S. & Vilacy Galucio, A. (eds), Typological Studies in Language 105, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins, pp. 341-372 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2012, "Ese Ejja", in Lenguas de Bolivia, Crevels, M. & Muysken, P. (eds), La Paz, Plural Editores, pp. 71-114 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., Accepted, "Asymmetries in Ese Ejja: When Source is less precise, less complex and combines with less verbs.", Anetta Kopecka, Miyuki Ishibashi & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Source-Goal asymmetries, Special issue of Studies in Language


    Vuillermet, M. & Kopecka, A., Accepted, "Trajectoire: a methodological tool for eliciting Path of motion", Questionnaires for linguistic description and typology, Special issue of Language, Documentation and Conservation, TBA


    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Ese’eja", Matt Coler, Pilar Valenzuela & Roberto Zariquiey (éds.), Indigenous Peruvian Voices. International Journal of American Linguistics , 84:(Supp. 1), pp. S39-S54 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Comparative, similative and simulative expressions in Ese Ejja", Yvonne Treis & Kasia Wojtylak (eds.), On the Expression of Comparison: Contributions to the typology of comparative constructions from lesser-known languages, Special issue of Linguistic Discovery 16:1, pp. 141-161 (link)


    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Grammatical ‘fear’ morphemes in Ese Ejja: Making the case for a morpho-semantic apprehensional domain", In Maïa Ponsonnet & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages, Special issue of Studies in Language:42(1), pp. 256-293 (link)

    Conferences with proceedings

    Vuillermet, M., 2013, "Dónde, cuándo, y con quién ocurren acciones: El movimento asociado en ese ejja", proc. of AMAZÓNICAS III, Expresión de nociones espaciales en lenguas amazónicas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia., Bogota. , 19-24 Avril, Ospina, A. (ed)


    Vuillermet, M., 2009, "Los verbos de postura Ese Ejja no se quedan inmóviles. Y a veces se desvían.", proc. of Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America-IV (CILLA IV), Austin, TX, USA, October 29-31th (articulo.pdf)


    Vuillermet, M., 2008, "Un proyecto de documentación en Tierras Bajas : el caso del Ese Ejja.", proc. of XXI Reunión Anual de Etnología, Museo Nacional de Etnografía y Folklore (MUSEF), La Paz, Bolivia, 22-25 Août, MUSEF Ed.

    Conference presentations

    Vuillermet, M. & Kopecka, A., 2017, "A visual stimulus for eliciting Path of motion: design, use and diffusion.", Worshop on questionnaires for linguistic description and typology., University of Paris Diderot, Paris, 9-10 November 2017.


    Vuillermet, M., 2017, "Apprehensional morphology in South America and in Australia: Distribution and semantic exploration", 12ème conference de l’Association for Linguistic Typology, Canberra, Australia, December 15


    Vuillermet, M., 2014, "La grammaire de la peur en ese’eja", Atelier de Morphosyntaxe, Le langage des émotions, DDL, Lyon, February 21.


    Vuillermet, M., 2013, "Verb compounding in Ese Ejja: sit-go.in and listen-well!", SSILA, 87th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Boston MA, January 3-6.


    Vuillermet, M., 2013, "Associated motion in Ese Ejja. ", Fieldwork Forum, Linguistic Department, University of California, Berkeley CA, January 23.


    Vuillermet, M., 2017, "Questionnaire on the apprehensional domain.", Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage, Lyon, pp. 8pp. (en accès ici)

    Audiovisual equipment

    Vuillermet, M. & Desnoyers, A., 2013, "Yendo a cazar… a hunting story: A visual stimulus for eliciting constructions that associate motion with other events.", Linguistics Department, University of California, Berkeley (en accès ici)


    Ishibashi, M., Kopecka, A. & Vuillermet, M., 2006, "Trajectoire : matériel visuel pour élicitation des données linguistiques", Fédération de Recherche en Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques (en accès ici)


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