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DDL on medias 2018

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The work of our colleague Dan DEDIU (DDL) is highlighted on the site of the CNRS InSHS (Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences) of November 14, 2018 on global linguistic diversity that reflects the natural environment.

An article on the website of the CNRS Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the publication of the paper of Dan DEDIU on the journal Nature Human Behaviour "global linguistic diversity that reflects the natural environment"

Press review following the publication of the paper "Reducing language to rhythm: Amazonian Bora drummed language exploits speech rhythm for long-distance communication" in the Royal Society Open Science online journal, by Frank SEIFART (DDL) and Julien MEYER (GIPSA-lab) :

Online news from France 3 auvergne-rhône-alpes network "Quand deux chercheurs du CNRS de Grenoble et de Lyon décryptent les messages des tambours d'Amazonie"
Online news from the Figaro newspaper "En Amazonie la langue des tambours permet de se parler à des kilomètres"

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