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DDL on medias 2023

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Come discover the media coverage of the members of the research unit on articles, interviews, press releases generated by the publication of scientific articles recognized by the scientific community and in internationally renowned journals.

Podcasts - Collegium de Lyon

Listen to the interviews (in French) in the form of podcasts with Luca Cucci et Michael Daniel, fellows at Collegium de Lyon in 2023-24 and affiliated with DDL here:
  • Luca Ciucci embarks on the search for ancient Zamuco between Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Michael Daniel takes us on a study of linguistic typology in the surprising diversity of the languages of Dagestan.

Article in Lyon Capitale

The article Qui sont les 14 lauréats lyonnais du palmarès des Talents du CNRS ? published on December 20, 2023, in Lyon Capitale highlights the CNRS laureates. Among them, Katarzyna Pisanski received a bronze medal for her contributions in evolutionary sciences.

ARTICLE IN Tribune de Lyon

Three projects in Lyon have been funded by the European Council through ERC Consolidator grants. Among them is 'Language Redux', led by Matthias Urban. The Tribune de Lyon of December 7, 2023 discusses the three projects and mentions, "[...] Language Redux, led by Matthias Urban, CNRS researcher at the Dynamique Du Langage laboratory, will examine if regions where languages survive waves of expansion of other languages have something in common."

ARTICLE IN Advanced Science News

Kasia Pisanski was recently interviewed by Advanced Science News following the publication of the scientific article "Universal interpretations of vocal music" by Lidya Yurdum et al. (2023), despite not being involved in the study.

Her interview can be found in the article In the world of music, love songs get lost in translation on the Advanced Science News website.

A Year with CNRS

Published in September 2023, CNRS offers us a retrospective of the year 2022 in its annual report to "fully grasp the research dynamics present in our territory". On this occasion, the Dynamique Du Langage Laboratory is highlighted in the Rhône Auvergne regional supplement, thanks to the work of Kasia Pisanski on non-linguistic human vocalizations.

You can read the article by clicking on the cover of the retrospective (on the left) or by visiting page 18 of the annual report.


Alice Vittrant was featured in a video spotlight by the French Institute of Myanmar as part of their #ResearchThursdays series. Every last Thursday of each month, a French or Francophone researcher working on Myanmar is invited to share the results of their work.
You can find the video on the Facebook page of the French Institute of Myanmar or on the website 25images/shs.


The podcast of Laurène Barbier, a doctoral student at the DDL working on Negidal, is available online.
The young linguist, as part of the project Les parlers du Croissant, tells us what the Croissant represents for her, her first fieldwork experience.


What if laughter did not exist or no longer existed?
Un article « Et si le rire n’existait pas ou plus ? » [in french] was published in the newspaper Le Pays - Longessaigne . It follows a public presentation by Katarzyna Pisanski, on February 28, 2023, about current research on laughter.


Leslie Lemarchand, who defended her thesis "Babbling and food diversification: practices and influence of texture exposure on oro-motor control" in 2019 at DDL, had participated in the 2015 edition of My Thesis in 180 seconds. For the tenth anniversary of the contest, her portrait was made by the University of Lyon which you can find online.


Laughing together to be well, the lesson of animals | A Pop'Sciences article
November 2022, Pop' Science publishes an article in which Katarzyna Pisanski talks about the latest research on laughter. This article also highlights one of her studies conducted with her colleagues and published in Ethology Ecology & Evolution in 2022: "Form follows function in human nonverbal vocalisations".

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