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Scientific mediation

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The Dynamique Du Langage research unit has been involved for several years to share its knowledge and share it with the general public. This moment of sharing and transmission is made via participation in scientific events, recurrent scientific mediation actions such as the science festival, the Pop'Science festival, the day of the DYS, the week of the brain ... and well others.
Come and discover the activities we offer.


Françoise ROSE will lead the conference “Let's Discover the 6000 Languages of the World, from Dialects to Amazonian Indians” at the Auditorium of the Maison de Pays, Le Cheylard, on Friday, May 31 at 8:30 PM for the Université Populaire des Boutières.

Second Biennial of Languages

The second Biennial of Languages took place from May 21 to 26, 2024, at the Centre Berthelot.
On this occasion, the DDL was represented with six scientific mediation workshops for students as well as for the general public:

Additionally, 5 DDL members had the opportunity to lead a conference or a round table discussion:

  • Stéphanie GOBET and Lucie METRAL with a conference “How Does Baby Speak?”
  • Stéphanie GOBET with a round table “How Do We Learn to Speak?”
  • Yana AQUILINA with a conference “Listen, We Get Along Well: Sensory Metaphors in World Languages”
  • Françoise ROSE with a quiz-conference “Let's Discover the 6000 Languages of the World, from Dialects to Amazonian Indian Languages”
  • Sylvie VOISIN with a round table “The ‘gbewaːkpuː’, a Fictional Neolithic Language, Between Art and Science”

Moreover, Sophie KERN had the opportunity to present the resource “Plus d'une langue” with Jean-Luc Vidalenc during an evening dedicated to professionals.

The Dynamique Du Langage laboratory thanks Yana Aquilina, Rémi Anselme, Nelly Bonhomme, Reda Boulkhiam, Florence Chenu, Luca Ciucci, Christophe dos Santos, Stéphanie Gobet, Rym Hamdi, Sophie Kern, Jennifer Krzonowski, Lucie Métral, Maïa Ponsonnet, Françoise Rose, Meral Şeker, Jinke Song, and Sylvie Voisin for their involvement in the event.

See you at the next edition in 2026!

Conference - Virgile Daunay

For his exit from the Assemblée residency, the collective La Dernière Baleine invited Virgile Daunay to give a public conference on laughter for the general public on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, to accompany their ongoing creation "Expiriri du Rire".

For more information, visit the Assemblée's website: https://www.lassemblee-artistique.fr/residence-artistes/collectif-la-derniere-baleine-2024/

Day - Science, a Woman's Job!

The 8th edition of "Science, a Woman's Job!" took place at ENS de Lyon on March 8, 2024. Gathering nearly 500 high school girls from the Lyon Academy, this day included among its sponsors Elisa Demuru. Additionally, Jennifer Krzonowski was one of the event organizers.


Since 2013, we've been developing a range of scientific mediation workshops around the research unit's research themes. We offer three activities per workshop, but each activity can be offered independently. These workshops have been developed with the general public in mind, so they are suitable for both children and adults (click on the images for a description in French of the workshops):

Sounds in language 
At the heart of sounds of the world's languages!
Child language acquisition 
How do we learn to speak?
Brain & Language 
Where is language in the brain?
Language diversity 
L'incroyable diversité des langues dans le monde
Linguistic diversity around a game

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