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ROCme! Software

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Version 2.1 (13/03/2015):
  • Player tab is now (more consistently) called Preview
  • with the Focus project option, playback of sound stimuli starts automatically
  • right-click option: reload corpus (you can edit the corpus file and update it in ROCme! with this option)
  • speaker metadata can now be exported in csv format
  • more links to recent projects in Project tab; and they can now be deleted
  • in XP mode, press Escape to hide controls
  • improved minimize/maximize button
  • new button to move from Project mode to Compact mode
  • minor bugs corrected
Version 2.0 (04/06/2012):
  • More stimulus types supported:
    • include .mp3 audio files: use <audio> tag in corpus file
    • include .flv video files: use <video> in corpus file
    • include external html file: <html_ext> tag in corpus file
  • New project options:
    • Repeat: allows participants to record several sound files for one single stimulus
    • Split: the investigator may now decide that each participant will record a subset of the original corpus
    • Show Clock: displays a timer; for each participant, time adds up across recording sessions
    • Background Color: users may now select the background color of the display box in the PLAYER tab (default is white)
    • User information filled by: see below
  • User Complementary Information (UCI) form:
    • Users can fill in their UCI in XP mode through new project option: User information filled by
    • New XML attribute (required="required") for required fields in UCI
  • Users tab:
    • New datagrid: lists the files recorded by the current user in spreadsheet-like format; files can be sorted according to a number of features
  • Player tab:
    • New icons on slider in Player tab to identify stimulus type (text, audio, video, image, html-formatted text, external html file)
    • Recordings made in Administrator mode are now stored in a distinct subfolder
    • Corpus file can be reloaded from right-click menu
  • Compact mode:
    • File names can be generated according to user-defined template in preferences
  • General enhancements
    • Now compatible with UTF-8 files with and without BOM (previous version only accepted files without BOM)
    • Right-click menu offers the possibility to maximize or minimize window size
    • Many helpful tooltips when mouse pointer hovers over buttons and function names
Version 1.3 (19/01/2012):
  • new option - focus - in project: displays mask plus fixation point before stimulus appears
  • identifiers in corpus files may now contain underscores
  • a few important bugs corrected
Version 1.2 (27/12/2011):
  • corpus files should now use UTF-8 character encoding (see tutorial)
  • can now display images (see tutorial)
  • can playback all recorded sound files (previously, playback was restricted to the current recording only)
  • output gain can also be controlled within ROCme! (previously, only input gain was adjustable)
  • enhanced overall user-friendliness:
    • new warnings (e.g. "no input signal", etc.)
    • new graphic objects (e.g. radio buttons for fields of type 'single' in UCI, etc.)
    • easy-to-remember color code in PLAYER tab ticks on bottom slider:
      • grey: has not been recorded yet
      • blue: instructions
      • orange: signal is clipped
      • green: signal is not clipped
    • enhanced management of windows
  • dozens of minor bugs corrected
Version 1.1 (13/10/2011): first release

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