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ROCme! Software

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Should I cite ROCme! in my publications, and how can I do this?

If your data have been collected with ROCme!, we kindly ask you to include a reference in your publication. Here's an example in APA style (please substitute version number and date accordingly):
Ferragne, E., Flavier, S., & Fressard, C. (2012). ROCme! (Version 2.0) [Computer software]. Retrieved June 4, 2012. Available from www.ddl.cnrs.fr/rocme

Download citation in RIS format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote).

Where can I get support?

The quickest way to get started is to download the simple demo project here, unzip the archive, double-click "simpleProject.rocme", click Users tab, create new user, click Player tab, and you're now ready to record.

A getting started tutorial is available here and a sample corpus file can be downloaded here. You can also visit our Facebook page and post comments or questions. Ultimately, if neither of these solutions has given satisfactory results, you can send an e-mail (in English or French).

Can I report bugs or suggest new features?

Yes. Either through Facebook or our e-mail (in English or French).

Can I edit audio files or visualize the signal?

No. ROCme! has been designed for audio acquisition only. Editing and visualization can be carried out with already available good software (free or commercial).

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