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Acquisition and cognition 2007

Themes and actions

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Syntactic complexity

  Contact person
Florence CHENU , Claire DELLE LUCHE , Bruno MARTINIE , Frederique GAYRAUD

Scientific framework and objectives

This project explores syntactic complexity through the examination of the processing of relative clauses. This structure proves to be very difficult to process: since relativization involves the movement of a constituent, the interpretation of the sentence cannot rest upon canonical word order, and in order to be assigned a thematic role, this moved constituent needs to be interpreted via its related empty category. In the meantime, it has to be stored in working memory. Furthermore, in the case of object relative clauses modifying the subject NP, the matrix clause is interrupted. These factors represent an extra processing load and are hypothesized to be likely to disrupt or to make difficult comprehension, production and acquisition.


In this project, our goal is to provide a better understanding of the relationship between linguistic structure and their processing by the human parser. In order to do so, we examine the processing of relative clauses from different points of view : linguistic, cognitive, developmental (L1 and L2), comprehension, spoken and written production. Different factors of complexity are examined such as the position of the relative clause (center-embedding vs. right branching), and its function (object vs. subject).

  Financial support
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