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Themes and actions

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Comparative Typology and corpus

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Scientific framework and objectives

The notion of linguistic distance is closely connected to research in phonetico-phonological typologies both at the segmental and suprasegmental levels. Recording and analyzing corpora (specifically, dialectal corpora) lies at the root of the linguistic studies we carry out. We more particularly concentrate on the description of languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic (especially Arabic and Berber dialects) and the Germanic families (British English dialects). We focus on phonetico-phonological, prosodic, morpho-syntactic, and lexical aspects).


Characterizing several dialects and discriminating among them will lead us to draw a –currently lacking – contrastive typology based on different scales (at the level of a country, a larger area, or a whole linguistic family). A further, connected, aim is to gather large amounts of data; this is an absolute prerequisite for better accounting for the variability inherent to dialects and speakers as well as for building reliable automatic identification models and improving the validity of perceptual experiments.

  Financial support
  • ACI, Jeune chercheur

  • APN / ATIP


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