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mar. 30/11/2021 Atelier Typologie sémantique
Path, Manner, Deixis : Towards a semantic typology of Motion events
MSH-LSE, salle Berty Albrecht
Conférence de :
  • Karl Seifen

dans le cadre DILIS

Incorporation of Manner in Motion typologies were initiated by revisions to Talmy’s typology (1985, 2000a): Slobin’s equipollent-framed languages (2004), Fortis & Vittrant’s distinction between asymmetrical and equipollent constructions (2011, 2016), Iraide-Ibarretxe’s path salience cline (2009).
The aim of this talk is to draft a typology for motion events, looking at the co-expression and distribution of three semantic components, namely Path, Manner and Deixis, while considering a number of parameters: type of vector (Source/Goal/Medium), presence of a boundary, or type of syntactic construction (serial verb construction, coordination, etc.).

Fortis, Jean-Michel, & Alice Vittrant. (2011). L’organisation Syntaxique de l’expression de La Trajectoire: Vers Une Typologie de La Construction. Faits de Langues - Les Cahiers 3: 71–98.

Fortis, Jean-Michel, & Alice Vittrant. (2016). On the Morphosyntax of Path-Expressing Constructions: Toward a Typology. STUF Language Typology and Universals 69(3): 341–74.

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Slobin, Dan I. (2004). The Many Ways to Search for a Frog: Linguistic Typology and the Expression of Motion Events. In Relating Events in Narrative: Typological Andcontextual Perspectives, eds. Sven Strömqvist and Ludo Verhoeven. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum, 219–57.

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ID de réunion : 810 9539 5145
Code secret : sA3BBU


jeu. 02/12/2021 [Atelier doctorants] Praat
MSH-LSE Salle Paul Rivière

In this workshop, Jennifer and Rémi will show us various fontionnalities in Praat, among which pitch, formants, intensity and how to make pictures.


mar. 07/12/2021 Réunion Interne
Réunion changement de direction
MSH-LSE salle E. Léger

[Note: réunion interne. Seuls sont concernés les membres permanents du laboratoire.

Note: internal meeting. Only permament members of the lab are concerned.]


mar. 14/12/2021 DiLiS - Atelier Typologie sémantique
Motion events in Black Hmong: some preliminary analysis
MSH-LSE, salle Berty Albrecht (+ visio)
Conférence de :
  • Léa Mouton (DDL)

dans le cadre DILIS

In this talk, I will focus on the expression of motion events in Black Hmong. I will present some data collected during my field work in Vietnam using the stimuli Trajectoire (Ishibashi, Kopecka & Vuillermet, 2006). The collected data show that the expression of Path is distributed either into verbs and into adnominal elements (prepositions and relator nouns). Moreover, Black Hmong show an interesting asymmetry between Source and Goal. In fact, Black Hmong tends to favor the expression of Source while the general tendency is to favor the expression of Goal (Kopecka & Vuillermet, 2021).


Ishibashi, M., Kopecka, A. & Vuillermet, M. (2006). Trajectoire : matériel visuel pour élicitation des données linguistiques. Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage, CNRS / Université Lyon 2. Projet de Fédération de recherche en Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques.

Kopecka, A. & Vuillermet, M. (2021). Source-Goal (a)symetries across Languages, Studies in Languages. 45:1.

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ID de réunion : 986 8828 5527
Code secret : mJ67a9


jeu. 16/12/2021 [Atelier doctorants] ELAN
MSH-LSE Salle André Frossard

This week's workshop is about analyses in ELAN. Matt will show some of the things you can do with ELAN, like segmenting recordings and making multi-layered annotations. You can download the files we will use via the link below. Please also install or update to the latest version of ELAN, 6.2. To download ELAN: https://archive.mpi.nl/tla/elan/download.


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ven. 17/12/2021 Atelier "Débuter avec R" - #1
Salle Ennat Léger

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