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ven. 28/02/2020 Word constituents and the morphology-syntax distinction: descriptive and typological perspectives (3/3)
ISH, salle Ennat Léger
Conférence de :
  • Adam J.R. Tallman (DDL, ELDP)
dans le cadre DTT : Atelier morphosyntaxe

This seminar will be concerned with two related issues in linguistics; (i) the distinction between morphology and syntax language-internally and cross-linguistically; (ii) the legitimacy of 'words' as language-internally motivated and as cross-linguistically comparable constituents. We will review ideas in the field concerning the distinction between morphology and syntax and the problems associated with identifying word constituents with a focus on literature critical of the traditional distinctions between morphology and syntax on the one hand and the word and the phrase on other hand (rather than the vaster literature in the field of linguistics which presupposes these distinctions without argumentation). New perspectives on constituency will be proposed for the description and comparison of morphology and constituency across languages.

The third talk will provide an illustrative example of the methodology defended in the previous lectures based on Chácobo, Araona and a few other languages (probably Quechua and Zapotec).

Guttierez, A., Uchihara, H., & Tallman, A. J. (2019). Words as emergent constituents in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec. Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America IX. Austin.
Tallman, A. J. (accepted for publication). Beyond grammatical and phonological words. (email author for copy).
Tallman, A. J. (submitted). Constituency and coincidence in Chácobo (Pano). Studies in Language.
Tallman, A. J., & Auderset, S. (in prep). Measuring and assessing morphological autonomy. For a special volume in Linguistic Typology on morphosyntactic misfits.
Tallman, A. J., & Epps, P. (to appear). Morphological complexity, autonomy, and areality in Amazonia. In G. Francesco, & P. Arkadiev (Eds.), Morphological complexity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Tallman, A. J., Campbell, E., Uchihara, H., Guttierrez, A., Wylie, D., Adell, E., . . . Everdell, M. J. (2019). A new typology of constituency and convergence. 13th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology. Pavia (Italy).
Tallman, A. J., Wylie, D., Adell, E., Bermudez, N., Camacho, G., Epps, P., . . . Woodbury, A. C. (2018). Constituency and the morphology-syntax divide in the languages of the Americas: towards a distributional typology. 21st Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages. University of California Santa Barbara.

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