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mar. 14/09/2021 A functional approach to nominalization
MSH, salle Marc Bloch + visio-conférence (voir résumé)
Conférence de :
  • Albert Alvarez (Université de Sonora, DDL/Collegium de Lyon)

dans le cadre DILIS : Atelier Morphosyntaxe

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      This communication aims to present the functional approach to nominalization recently proposed by Shibatani (2019), which will be used in the research project on “Nominalizers in Uto-Aztecan languages: Origins, evolution and functions” to be developed from September 2021 to July 2022 at the Collegium de Lyon and at the DDL Laboratory. This approach considers nominalization as a metonymy-based phenomenon that applies not only to verbs (verbal-based nominalizations) but also to nominals (nominal-based nominalizations) and that yields entity-denoting structures that form nouns (lexical nominalizations) as well as larger phrasal units (grammatical nominalizations), that is, two types of nominal constituents conveying a prototypical referring function, independently of the internal structure of these constituents. Contrary to lexical nominalizations that have been largely studied, grammatical nominalizations have been neglected, despite their theoretical importance and far-reaching implications to our understanding of the construction of grammar. For instance, in this new approach, subordination is reanalyzed as different types of verbal-based grammatical nominalizations, and possessive forms and nominal classifiers are reanalyzed as different types of nominal-based nominalizations. In this talk, the different types of nominalization will be discussed, as well as the crosslinguistic usage patterns of these structures and the diachronic paths leading to nominalization markers.

      Shibatani, M. 2019. What is nominalization ? Towards the theoretical foundations of nominalization. In Roberto Zariquey, Masayoshi Shibatani, David W. Fleck (eds.), Nominalization in the Languages of the Americas, John Benjamins Publishing: Amsterdam/Philadelphia. 15-167.

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