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Françoise ROSE

CNRS Senior Researcher

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Teams :   DTT  HELAN2 

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Description of under-described Amazonian languages

  • Emérillon (Teko) - French Guiana
  • Mojeño Trinitario - Bolivia



  • accent, nasality, rhythmic syncope



  • person indexation, predication, subordination, serial verbs, reduplication, associated motion, diminutives, expression of similarity, noun-verbal predication, demonstratives and epistemic modality, TAME on nouns



  • adposition/subordinator syncretism, sociative causative, genderlects


    Comparative, areal and diachronic lingusitics

  • Tupi-Guarani and Arawak
  • shift in person indexation, origin of serial verbs, vowel deletion, finitization, hierarchical indexation systems, diminutives
  • Amazonian linguistics, language contact




    PI of the project Phylogenetic analysis of the Morphosyntax of Tupi-Guarani languages with L. Michael (U.C. at Berkeley), founded by the France-Berkeley fund and the ASLAN Labex (2014-2016)


    Co-organizer with A. Guillaume of the Morphosyntax Workshop, Lyon (2008-now)


    Co-organizer with A-L. Dotte of the Language Contact Workshop (2011-2012)


    Co-organizer with Frank Seifart of the symposium Arawakan linguistic and cultural identities of the 54th International Congress of Americanists (ICA), Vienna, Austria, 15-20 July 2012


    Co-organizer with Denis Creissels and Antoine Guillaume of the International Congress Syntax of the World's Languages 4, Lyon, 23-26 September 2010


    Co-organizer with Lev Michael and Frank Seifart of the symposium Lenguas arawak: estrategias de aumento de valencia at the Internationsl Congress Amazónicas III: Fonología y sintaxis, National University of Colombia, Bogotá, 19-24 April 2010.


    Co-organizer with A. Guillaume of the International Workshop on Argument coding systems in Bolivian Lowland Languages, Villejuif, 5-7 April 2007




    6 September - 10 September 2016: Typology of Amazonian languages. European Summer Schhol in Linguistics Typology, Porquerolles.


    12-14 July 2010: Workshop Mojeño Linguistics (15h), Workshop in linguistics for indigenous teachers of lowland Bolivia (in Trinidad), Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.


    29 June-2 July 2009: Class Amazonian languages. 3L International Summer School on Language Documentation and Description, School of Oriental and African Studies, London


    22 and 24 July 2008 : Workshop on Mojeño Linguistics, Workshop in linguistics for indigenous teachers of lowland Bolivia (in San Borja), Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia




    2014-now Magdalena Lemus Serrano Description of Yukuna (Colombia, Arawak), Master 1, Master 2, PhD


    2014-now Windy Daviet Description of Bolivian Guarani, Master 1, Master 2


    2013-2015 J. Rosés Labrada Collaborative Documentation and Description of Mako, a Sáliban Language of Venezuela. Cotutelle PhD with the University of Western Ontario, co-advisor D. Heap.


    2010-now Noé Gasparini Description of siriono (tupi-guarani, Bolivia), Master 1, Master 2, PhD




    International Scholar at the University of Oregon, Eugene (August 2016 - June 2017)


    August 2013: Student of the Historical Sociolinguistics Summer School, Lesbos (Greece).


    June-July 2009: Teacher at the 3L International Summer School on Language Documentation and Description, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.


    January-March 2007: Visiting Scholar at the Research Center for Lingusitic Typology (RCLT), Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia.


    Winter 2003: exchange student at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Californie at Santa Barbara, United-States, EURODOC grant.


    February 2002: visitor at the Laboratorio de Linguas Indigenas, University of Brasilia, Brazil (Dir. Aryon Rodrigues), Aires Culturelles grant


    member of the following organizations: Grupo de Trabalho as Linguas Indigenas, Linguistic Society of America, Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America, Association for Linguistic Typology, Historical Sociolinguistics, Société de Linguistique de Paris


    Summer 2001: Student at the Linguistic Institute du LSA




    Rose, F., 2011, "Grammaire de l'émérillon teko, une langue tupi-guarani de Guyane française", 10, Louvain, Peeters, XX-489 p., Langues et Sociétés d'Amérique traditionnelle (editeur)

    PhDs and master thesis

    Rose, F., 2011, "De la synchronie à la diachronie : double perspective sur les langues amazoniennes", Habilitation à Diriger les recherches, Sciences Du Langage, Université Lyon 2


    Rose, F., 2003, "Morphosyntaxe de l'émérillon. Une langue tupi-guarani de Guyane française", Thèse de Doctorat, Département des Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, 678 p.  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2000, "Eléments de phonétique, phonologie et morphophonologie de l'émérillon (Teko)", Mémoire de DEA, Sciences du langage, Université Lyon 2, 211 p.  (pdf)

    Edited books

    Guillaume, A. & Rose, F. (eds), 2011, "Argument-encoding systems in Bolivian Amazonian languages", International Journal of Amercian Linguistics, 77:4, 162 p. (journal issue)

    Chapters in books

    Rose, F., 2018, "Are the Tupi-Guarani hierarchical indexing systems really motivated by the person hierarchy?", in Typological Hierarchies in Synchrony and Diachrony, Cristofaro, S. & Zúñiga, F. (eds), Amsterdam, Benjamins, pp. 290-307  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2018, "Nonverbal predication and the nonverbal clause type of Mojeño Trinitario", in Nonverbal predication in Amazonian languages, Overall, S., Vallejos, R. & Gildea, S. (eds), Amsterdam, Benjamins, pp. 53-84


    Rose, F., 2018, "A typology of languages with both grammatical gender and genderlects", in Non-canonical gender systems, Fedden, S., Audring, J. & Corbett, G. (eds), Oxford, Oxford University Press, pp. 211-246


    Rose, F., 2016, "On Finitization", in Finiteness and Nominalization, Chamoreau, C. & Estrada Fernández, Z. (eds), Amsterdam, Benjamins, pp. 347-372  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2015, "Mojeño Trinitario", in Lenguas de Bolivia, vol3. Oriente, Crevels, M. & Muysken, P. (eds), Plural Editores, pp. 59-97  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2018, "The rise and fall of Mojeño diminutives through the centuries", Studies in Language, 42:1 (journal issue)  (pdf)


    de Carvalho, F. & Rose, F., 2018, "Comparative reconstruction of Proto-Mojeño and the phonological diversification of Mojeno dialects", Liames, 18:1, pp. 7-48 (journal issue)  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2015, "When "you" and "I" mess around with the hierarchy: a comparative study of Tupi-Guarani hierarchical indexation systems", Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências humanas , 10:2, pp. 347-369 (journal issue)


    Rose, F., 2015, "On male and female speech and more: categorical gender indexicality in indigenous South American languages", International Journal of American Linguistics, 81:4, pp. 495-537 (journal issue)  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2015, "Associated motion in Mojeño Trinitario: some typological considerations ", Folia Linguistica, 49:1, pp. 117-158 (journal issue)  (pdf)

    Conferences with proceedings

    Rose, F., 2005, "L’origine des constructions verbales en série de l’émérillon ", actes de La notion de "construction verbale en série" est-elle opératoire?, Programme Prédicats complexes et séries verbales de la Fédération de Typologie , Paris, 9 décembre 2004


    Rose, F., 2002, "My hammock = I have a hammock. Possessed nouns constituting possessive clauses in Emérillon (Tupi-Guarani)", proc. of I Encontro do GTLI, Belem, Brésil, 8-10 octobre 2001, CNPQ & Universidade federal do Para


    Rose, F., 2002, "Cross-referencing in Emerillon (Tupi-Guarani): a hierarchical agreement system", proc. of Fourth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages, Santa Barbara, 6-7 juillet 2001, Santa Barbara Papers In Linguistics, 11, pp. 71-84

    Invited and keynote conferences

    Rose, F., 2009, "Borrowing of a Cariban number marker into some Tupi-Guarani languages", proc. of Morphologies in Contact, Bremen, 1er octobre 2009


    Rose, F., 2008, "Profil typologique de l'émérillon, une langue tupi-guarani de Guyane française", actes de Société de Linguistique de Paris, Paris, 15 mars 2008

    Invited presentations

    Rose, F., 2017, "Rhythmic syncope. A long journey from underlying representation to surface form in Mojeño Trinitario", Department of Linguistics Colloquium, Santa Barbara, 6 avril 2014


    Rose, F., 2017, "Syncope. Rhythmic syncope and differential syncope in Mojeño Trinitario", Department of Linguistics Colloquium, Austin, 1 May 2017  (slides)


    Rose, F. & Bakker, P., 2014, "Les générolectes", Séminaire Typo ULM, ENS Ulm, Paris, 14 mars 2014


    Rose, F., 2011, "Competition between finite and non-finite nominalizations in Mojeño Trinitario", Séminaire du PICS Complexité syntaxique et diversité typologique, Paris, 12-14 octobre


    Rose, F., 2010, "Diversity and variation: distribution of typologically diverse dependent constructions in Mojeño Trinitario", Séminaire du PICS Complexité syntaxique et diversité typologique, Université de Sonora à Hermosillo (Mexique), 15-16 novembre 2010

    Conference presentations

    Rose, F., 2017, "Nominal TAME marking in Mojeño", WAIL, Santa Barbara, 12-13 mai 2017  (handout)


    Rose, F., 2017, "Epistemics and/or evidentiality in Mojeño demonstratives", Symposium on Amazonian Languages II, University of Berkeley, 9 avril 2017  (handout)


    Rose, F. & Chousou-Polydouri, N., 2017, "A comparative study of genderlects in the Tupi family", SSILA Annual Meeting, Austin, 6 janvier 2017  (slides)


    Rose, F., 2017, "The interaction of genderlects with grammatical gender", Societas Linguistica Europeae, Leiden, 3 September 2015


    Rose, F., Lemus Serrano, M., Eraso, N. & Chacon, T., 2017, "A new look into Arawak-Tukanoan contact: the Yukuna-Tanimuka bidirectional hypothesis", SSILA Annual Meeting, Austin, 6 janvier  (slides)

    Movie or radio

    Rose, F., 2007, "Description de langues amazoniennes dans une perspective typologique, entretien filmé conduit par E. de Pablo (FMSH-ESCoM), Archives Audiovisuelles de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines et Sociales ", 1h30 (vidéo)


    Rose, F., 2003, "La disparition des langues, entretien avec Bruno Rougier diffusé sur France Info le 4 août 2003", 3 minutes

    Online Database

    Rose, F., 2014, "Données audio et textuelles de l'émérillon (teko)", 2014, Ortolang


    Rose, F., 2013, "Teko collection", 2013


    Rose, F., 2007, "Données audio du Mojeño Trinitario", 2007, COllections de COrpus Oraux Numériques (url)

    Unpublished paper

    Rose, F., 2013, "Questionnaire sur l'indexicalité du genre (du locuteur et/ou de l'interlocuteur)", CNRS  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2013, "Questionnaire on genderlects", CNRS  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2013, "Cuestionario sobre la indexicalidad del género (del hablante o del oyente)", CNRS  (pdf)


    Rose, F., 2013, "Questionário sobre a indexicalidade do gênero do falante e/ou do ouvinte", CNRS  (pdf)


    Rose, F., Pakendorf, B. & Fressard, C., 2013, "Poster Une journée de chercheur", CNRS


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