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2012: Postdoctoral fellow. Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon.
Project: Attention effects and grammatical hierarchies: observations in Ye'kwana, an Amazonian language of Venezuela.


2011: PhD in Language Sciences, DDL - Université Lumière Lyon 2.
Dissertation title: Functional-typological grammar of Ye'kwana, Cariban language of Venezuela (PDF).
Advisors: Colette Grinevald (Lyon 2), José Álvarez (LUZ).
Committee: José Álvarez, Spike Gildea, Colette Grinevald, Antoine Guillaume, Francesc Queixalós.


2007: MA in Language Sciences, DDL - Université Lumière Lyon 2.
Thesis title: Introduction à la langue des Ye'kwana: Profil sociolinguistique et esquisse phonologique.
Advisor: Colette Grinevald (Lyon 2).




2005-2011: Active member of the project Trajectoire (CNRS / Fédération de Recherche en Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques). Project website.


2008-2011: Participated in the regular workshop Morphosyntaxe of the DDL laboratory.


2009: Participated in the Sumer Institute of the LSA (Linguistic Society of America) at the University of California, Berkeley. July 4-24.


2006-2009: Member of the project Afrique Amérique Latine Langues en Danger (AALLED) of the CNRS institute Dynamique du Langage (DDL) and the University Lyon 2.


Member of the organizing team of the 2008 3L Summer School in Documentation & Language Description.




Ye'kwana language in Venezuela (Maripa, Ciudad Bolívar and Boca de Piña and Santa María de Erebato villages) : July-August 2006, November 2007-April 2008, October 2008-April 2009, July-August 2010, March 2012, August 2012, May 2013, February-March 2014.




2012: Postdoctoral grant, Fyssen Foundation. Attention effects and grammatical hierarchies: observations in Ye'kwana, an Amazonian language of Venezuela. 12 months.


2010: Field trip grant, Institut des Amériques (IdA).


2009-2010: PhD grant, Agence Universitaire de Francophonie (AUF).


2008-2009: Field Trip Grant, Endangered Languages Documentation Project (ELDP). Documentation of the Ye'kwana language in the Caura Basin. 6 months.


2008-2009: Mobility grants, Rhône-Alpes region (Explo'RA DOC) and Ministry of Education (Aires Culturelles) for a 6 month research visit at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Oregon.


2007-2008: Field trip grant, AALLED (Afrique, Amérique Latine, Langues en Danger).


2004: Regional grant for international training (BRFE) for a study abroad semester at the Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko-Turnovo, Bulgaria.




Aug.-Sept. 2008 & Aug.-Oct. 2009: Invited scholar at the Linguistics Department of the University of Oregon.


November 2007-April 2008: Invited scholar at the CIAG (Centro de Investigaciones Antropologicas de Guayana), Ciudad Bolívar.



    • Spanish: Native.
    • French, English: Native like.
    • Ye'kwana: Ability to communicate in the language and partial understanding of conversations.
    • Portuguese, Italian: Understanding of spoken and written language.
    • Bulgarian, German, Japanese: Prior exposure.
    Language analysis software:
    • Toolbox: Advanced user.
    • ELAN, Praat: Intermediate user.


PhDs and master thesis

Cáceres, N., 2011, "Grammaire fonctionnelle-typologique du ye'kwana, langue caribe du Venezuela", Thèse, Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, 464 p. (PDF, 7MB)


Cáceres, N., 2007, "Introduction à la langue des Ye'kwana: Profil sociolinguistique et esquisse phonologique", Mémoire M2, Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, 163 p.

Invited presentations

Cáceres, N., 2012, "Synchronic syllable reduction in Ye'kwana: A window into sound change", UO Linguistics Colloquium, Eugene, 12 Octobre


Gildea, S., Cáceres, N. & Yamada, R., 2010, "Explaining Counter-Universal Split Ergativity: Three Cariban Progressive/Imperfective Ergatives", DDL, Lyon, 9 septembre


Cáceres, N. & Gildea, S., 2009, "Innovative ergative main clause grammar in Ye’kwana (Cariban)", UO Linguistics Colloquium, Eugene, 30 octobre

Conference presentations

Cáceres, N., 2013, "Syllable reduction in Ye'kwana: Morphologized phonology", WAIL 16: Workshop on American Indigenous Languages, University of California, Santa Barbara, 26-27 avril


Cáceres, N. & Gildea, S., 2013, "La construcción imperfectiva del ye'kwana (caribe)", Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinoamérica VI, Universidad de Texas, Austin, 24-26 octobre


Cáceres, N., 2011, "Are there any compound words in Ye'kwana? A closer look at genitive constructions and postpositional phrases. ", Word formation in South American languages, Université de Leipzig, 24 juin


Cáceres, N., 2010, "¿Existe una clase de adjetivos en ye'kwana?", Amazónicas 3: La estructura de las lenguas amazónicas, UNAL, Bogotá, 19-24 avril


Cáceres, N., 2010, "La coréférentialité en ye'kwana", SWL IV, Lyon, 23-26 septembre


Cáceres, N., 2008, "Sistema prosodico en Ye'kwana a nivel de la palabra", A Estrutura de Línguas Amazônicas: Fonologia e Gramática II, Recife, 26 novembre

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