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Ouvrage édité


Associated Motion

Guillaume, A. & Koch, H.

De Gruyter Mouton


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Source-Goal (a)symmetries across languages

Kopecka, A., Vuillermet, M.

Studies in Language


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Introduction: associated motion as a grammatical category in linguistic typology

in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A. & Koch, H. (eds)

Guillaume, A., Koch, H.

De Gruyter Mouton



Classifiers in Morphology

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Aronoff, M. (eds)

Kilarski, M., Tang, M.

Oxford University Press


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.1093/acrefore/9780199384655.013.546


Associated motion in Tungusic languages: a case of mixed argument structure

in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A., Koch, H. (eds)

Pakendorf, B., Stoynova, N.

de Gruyter Mouton



Classifiers in Southeast Asian Languages

in The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia: A comprehensive guide, Sidwell, P., Mathias, J. (eds)

Vittrant, A., Tang, M.

Mouton de Gruyter


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.1515/9783110558142-031


Even and the Northern Tungusic languages

in The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages, Robbeets, M., Savelyev, A. (eds)

Pakendorf, B., Aralova, N.

Oxford University Press



Sakha and Dolgan, the North Siberian Turkic languages

in The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages, Robbeets, M., Savelyev, A. (eds)

Pakendorf, B., Stapert, E.

Oxford University Press


Article de revues


Development of revision and drafting in narrative and expository texts written by French children and adolescents

Ailhaud, E., Chenu, F., Jisa, H.

Journal for the Study of Education and Development



Simplification of syllable structure in childhood apraxia of speech: a 2-year follow-up French case study

Canault, M., Thai Van, H., LeNormand, M.T.

Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics



Tone and genes: New cross-linguistic data and methods support the weak negative effect of the “derived” allele of ASPM on tone, but not of Microcephalin

Dediu, D.



En savoir plus : doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0253546


Syllable complexity and morphological synthesis: A well-motivated positive complexity correlation across subdomains

Easterday, S., Stave, M., Tang, M., Seifart, F.

Frontiers in Psychology


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.638659


Source/Goal (a)symmetry: A comparative study of German and Polish

Fagard, B., Kopecka, A.

Studies in Language



Neural oscillations track natural but not artificial fast speech: Novel insights from speech-brain coupling using MEG

Hincapié-Casas, A., Lajnef, T., Pascarella, A., Guiraud, H., Laaksonen, H., Bayle, D., Jerbi, K., Boulenger, V.



En savoir plus : article online


Environment and culture shape both the colour lexicon and the genetics of colour perception

Josserand, M., Meeussen, E., Majid, A., Dediu, D.

Scientific Reports


En savoir plus : doi:10.1038/s41598-021-98550-3Full text


Interindividual variation refuses to go away: A Bayesian computer model of language change in communicative networks

Josserand, M., Tang, M., Pellegrino, F., Dediu, D.

Frontiers in Psychology


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.626118


Hear me Roar: Communicating strength through aggressive vocalisations in African bushland and urban communities

Kleisner, K., Leongómez, J., Pisanski, K., Fiala, V., Cornec, C., Groyecka-Bernard, A., Butovskaya, M., Reby, D., Sorokowski, P., Mbe Akoko, R.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B



A typology of small-scale multilingualism

Pakendorf, B., Dobrushina, N., Khanina, O.

International Journal of Bilingualism



Efficacy in deceptive vocal exaggeration of human body size

Pisanski, K., Reby, D.

Nature Communications


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.1038/s41467-021-21008-7 Nature Ecology & Evolution: Behind the Paper


Mojeño Trinitario

Rose, F.

Journal of the International Phonetic Association


En savoir plus : paper


The extent and degree of utterance-final word lengthening in spontaneous speech from ten languages

Seifart, F., Strunk, J., Danielsen, S., Hartmann, I., Pakendorf, B., Wichmann, S., Witzlack-Makarevich, A., Himmelmann, N., Bickel, B.

Linguistics Vanguard



Investigating the branching of Chinese classifier phrases: Evidence from speech perception and production

Tang, M., Chen, Y.C., Yen, N.S., Her, O.S.

Journal of Chinese Linguistics


En savoir plus : doi.org/10.1353/jcl.2017.0082


Tool use and language share syntactic processes and neural patterns in the basal ganglia

Thibault, S., Py, R., Gervasi, A., Lövden, M., Boulenger, V., Roy, A., Brozzoli, C.



En savoir plus : see article


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