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A grammar of Siriono: obsolescence of a Tupi-Guarani language in Bolivia

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Scientific framework and objectives

Siriono is an under-described and endangered language of Lowland Bolivia. It is commonly classified as Tupi-Guarani language even though its position in the family remains unclear. The sociolinguistic situation is worrying, given the decreasing number of speakers in the community and a language switch to Spanish. Those aspects are relevant in the analysis with the themes of obsolescence and languages contacts. The aim of this doctoral research project, started in 2012 and supervised by Françoise Rose, is the compilation of a descriptive grammar of Siriono. It is based on fieldwork data and cast in a typological perspective. This PhD comes after a MA thesis dedicated to the study of the phonology and the sociolinguistic realities of Siriono. This project is linked to a DDL team specialized on Amazonian languages and is funded by the ASLAN project. The Hans Rausing Endangered Language Project at SOAS will fund the documentation of the language. Data will be archived on the Endangered Languages Archive.


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