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Expérience sociale précoce et le développement communicatif des bonobo

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Cadre de l'étude et objectifs

This research project aims at exploring the long term effects of early social experience on the ontogeny of social and communicative abilities in the bonobo (Pan paniscus), one of the two extant species most closely related to humans. To reach this purpose, social play sessions of group-living bonobos with different rearing backgrounds (i.e., mother-reared or orphaned subjects) will be video- and audio-recorded to describe in detail the general features of play and the communicative signals used to manage a playful interaction. All data will be analysed and discussed through a developmental and comparative approach to shed light on the little-known process of the acquisition of socio-emotional and communicative competence.

  • Contrat Postdoctoral ASLAN
    Expérience sociale précoce et le développement communicatif des bonobo
    Labex ASLAN - Université de Lyon

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