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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources


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Anselme, R., Pellegrino, F. & Dediu, D., 2023, "What’s in the r? A review of the usage of the r symbol in the Illustrations of the IPA", Journal of the International Phonetic Association, FirstView, pp. 1-30


Aralova, N., Pakendorf, B., 2023, "Non-canonical possessive constructions in Negidal and other Tungusic languages: a new analysis of the so-called “alienable possession” suffix", Linguistics, Ahead of print (Access article)


Levshina,, L., Namboodiripad, S., Tang, M., Kramer, M., Talamo, L., Verkerk, A., Wilmoth, S., Rodriguez, G., Gupton, T. & Kidd, E., Liu, Z., Naccarato, C., Nordlinger, R., Panova, A., Stoynova, N., 2023, "Why we need a gradient approach to word order", Linguistics, aop (doi.org/10.1515/ling-2021-0098)


Ponsonnet, M., 2023, "The affordances of ‘face’ in Dalabon, Gunwinyguan, non-Paman-Nyungan, Australia", in Embodiment in cross-linguistic studies. The 'face'., Pattillo, K. & Wasniewska, M. (eds), Leiden, Boston, Brill, pp. 277-299


Ritz, M.E., Ponsonnet, M., 2023, "Time, Language and Thought: What language can tell us about our concepts of time", in Everywhen. Australia and the language of deep history & McGrath, A., Rademaker, L., Troy, T. (eds), The University of Nebraska Press, pp. 165-192 (link)


Rose, F., 2023, "Reflexive constructions and middle marking in Mojeño Trinitario", in Reflexive constructions in the world's languages, 3, Janic, K., Puddu, N., Haspelmath, M. (eds), Research on Comparative Grammar, Berlin, Language Science Press, pp. 765-791 (editor)  (PDF)


Ulrich, N., Pellegrino, F., Tang, M., 2023, "Intra- and inter-speaker variation in eight Russian fricatives", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 153:4, pp. 2285-2297 (doi.org/10.1121/10.0017827)

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