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Development Neurocognition Disorders

Themes and actions

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Bilingualism in Alzheimer's disease

  Contact person
Frederique GAYRAUD

Scientific framework and objectives

The ALBINOR project (Alzheimer, Bilinguism, Norms) is in line with the ALIBI project (Alzheimer, Immigration, Bilingualism), which revealed the irrelevance of present diagnosis tools for the neuropsychological assessment of Arabic/French bilingual migrants suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The main goal pursued by the ALBINOR project is to compensate for the lack of neuropsychological norms for this population, which is characterized by both a late bilingualism and a low socio-educational status. It promotes the need for cross-cultural approaches in geriatric healthcare.

  Financial support
  • Labex ASLAN
    ALIBI : Alzheimer, Immigration & Bilinguism
    Labex ASLAN - Université de Lyon

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