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Development Neurocognition Disorders

Themes and actions

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Team webmaster : Sophie KERN, Alice Catherine ROY

Development of articulatory and phonological skills in preschool children (2-4 years): complexity and articulation rate

  Contact person
Melanie CANAULT , Sophie KERN

Scientific framework and objectives

This study is part of the ANR Eulalies project (A new tool for the assessment of Speech Sound Disorders in Frenchspeaking Children) led by Anne Vilain of the Gipsa-lab in Grenoble and aims to establish a standard concerning phonological and phonetic development that can be used for the assessment of oral production in young French children aged 2 to 4 years with atypical speech development. We will focus on the development of consonants and clusters and the evolution of the phonetic complexity of productions as well as that of articulatory rate.

  Financial support
  • ANR Projet de Recherche Collaborative
    EULALIES: A new tool for the assessment of Speech Sound Disorders in French-speaking children
    Agence Nationale de la Recherche

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