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Christian DICANIO

Post-Doctorant (maintenant à Haskins Laboratories)





  Main publications and conferences



Dicanio, C. & Cruz Martinez, B., 2010, "El mundo triqui. Palabras de San Martin Itunyoso", Oaxaca, CONACULTA, Fundacion Alfredo Harp Helu

PhDs and master thesis

DiCanio, C., 2008, "The Phonetics and Phonology of San Martín Itunyoso Trique", Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Etats-Unis, 295 p.


DiCanio, C., 2012, "Tone-Glottal Coarticulation in Itunyoso Trique", Journal of Phonetics, 40, pp. 162-176


DiCanio, C., 2012, "The Phonetics of Fortis and Lenis Consonants in Itunyoso Trique", International Journal of American Linguistics, 78(2), pp. 239-272


DiCanio, C., 2010, "Illustrations of the IPA: Itunyoso Trique", Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 40:2, pp. 227-238


DiCanio, C., 2009, "The Phonetics of Register in Takhian Thong Chong", Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 39:2, pp. 162-188


Johnson, K., DiCanio, C. & MacKenzie, L., 2007, "The Acoustic and Visual Phonetic Basis of Place of Articulation in Excrescent Nasals", Annual Report of the Berkeley Phonology Laboratory, 3, pp. 529-561

Conference presentations

DiCanio, C., 2010, "Cross-linguistic perception of Itunyoso Trique tone", Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America, Baltimore, MD, 1/10


DiCanio, C., 2009, "Tone-Glottal Coarticulation in a Complex Tone Language", Annual Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), San Antonio, TX, 10/09


DiCanio, C., 2009, "Consonant Length in Monosyllables: Typology, Diachrony, and Phonetics", Monosyllables: From Typology to Phonology, Bremen, Germany, 09/09


DiCanio, C., 2009, "Prosodic Licensing in Trique: Phonetics and Phonology", workshop on Melody vs. Structure in Phonological Representations, 40th Meeting of the Poznań Linguistics Society, Poznań, Poland, 09/09


DiCanio, C., 2009, "Tone–Laryngeal Phasing in Trique", Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America, San Francisco, CA, 01/09

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