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  • Platform for simple survey.

  • Room reservation form

  • Linguistic survey (DTT axe) on martinican

  • Online Quotation for Experiment Calibration (DENDY axe):
    • animals project
    • speech perception and identification project
    • word / action association project: motolanguage


  • ATLEX : enrichment of linguistic atlas. It is a transformation of linguistic atlas into a lexical database.


  • BDPROTO : database of phonological inventories from old and reconstructed languages ​​deposited on the website Github.


  • DoReCo (Language DOcumentation REference COrpus) brings together spoken language corpora on a world-wide sample of 51 languages.It focuses on corpora that originated in fieldwork-based documentations of small and endangered languages, carried out by DoReCo contributors.
    DoReCo contains over 100 hours of audio-recorded, mostly narrative texts with transcriptions that are time-aligned at the phone level, translations, and – for 38 languages – also time-aligned morphological annotations.
    These data are freely accessible under Creative Commons licenses, providing the language sciences with fully contextualized, spoken data from a diverse sample of the world’s languages.
    DoReCo was created within the DoReCo project from 2019 to 2022. This project was funded by an ANR-DFG grant (ANR-18-FRAL-0010-01, KR951/17-1) coordinated by Frank Seifart, Manfred Krifka (March-July 2019), and François Pellegrino (August 2019-August 2022). The project was housed at the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft in Berlin and the laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage (UMR5596, CNRS & Université Lyon 2) in Lyon and cooperated with the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals, Munich.


  • Platform to manage surveys accessible online :

    • IFDC : French Inventories of online Communicative Development.

    • IPDC : Portuguese Inventories of online Communicative Development.

    • IFDC3 : calibration of the version for children from 2 to 4 years.

    • Food orality : study of the development of food orality between 0 and 2 years

    • .


  • LAPSyD (Lyon Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database) on phonological inventories of world languages ​​(UPSID entension). The data can be searched for by characteristic, segment, constraint, tone and syllabic structure categories, language family and region, and by various combinations of these factors.


Gabonese fish

  • Gabonese fish : database on ethnoichthyological denominations among the Bantu of Gabon: study of historical linguistics.


  • Reflex : lexicon of reference of the languages ​​of Africa.


  • Unidia : database on phonological changes in world languages ​​and protolanguages.

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